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[Issue 21] Add misc links to query results.

Author jduprey
Full name John Duprey
Date 2006-02-01 22:24:05 PST
Message http://kamikaze-qscm​.tigris.org/issues/s​how_bug.cgi?id=21

------- Additional comments from jduprey at tigris dot org Wed Feb 1 22:24:05 -0800 2006 -------
Each row has the following fields:

Repository - Provide link(s) based on repository name (that shown) or repository
id - e.g. edit repos description, new query, etc

Revision - Provide link(s) based on repository/revision combo - e.g. show websvn

Date - Provide link(s) based on date - e.g. show other commites on this day

Author - Provide links based on author - e.g. show recent commits by this
author, etc

Log - Provide links to edit log (which inturn modifies log in repos.)

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[Issue 21] Add misc links to query results. jduprey John Duprey 2006-02-01 22:24:05 PST
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